Email me. Like in the old days.

I'm, by far, the most accessible over email. On average, my response time to senders is 2 hours 43 minutes for senders I've previously interacted with, 11 hours 17 minutes for senders I've not previously interacted with. Over the last month, I've received 447 messages addressed specifically to me, 210 threads on which I'm CCed on out of a total of 4,012 emails I've received. in the past, people have scoured and found my various other ways to contact me and while I respect the hustle, I would sincerely appreciate it if you could kindly stick to email in order to contact me. Similarly, finding one of my calendar booking link and booking yourself in without me explicitly giving it to you does not win you any brownie points.

I can attribute whatever little success I've received in my life to having an amazing network, all of which I've had to build up from ground zero. I have not never regretted sending a cold email or reaching out to someone. I've met almost all of my best friend and business partners from random online interactions and looking back, I'm really happy I took a shot and reached out! I love having these people in my life and I would've had met them if I hadn't sent them an extremely goofy twitter message and random cold email... I have never, ever felt frustrated because I've gotten a personalized email from anyone and as long as you're maintaining the basic level of curtsey (which I'm sure you will be), there's nothing you can do which can make me think poorly of you.

The best email to reach me at is [first] . [last] @ matrixatlantic.com

Here's a list of things I liked to be reached out in context to -

  1. Informational Interviews: While I'm relatively early in my journey of life, if there's a domain/role or something which you believe I may have a unique insight on, I'd be more than happy to give my two cents on it. I've been blessed to have some extremely amazing people give me unconditional time, support, resources, advice and introductions throughout my journey, and I owe it to them, as well as everyone else who's played a role in helping me get to where I am today to pay it forward however much I can. The only thing I'd request from you in return is that when time comes, pass on the love to whoever you think you can help out. Even the smallest pieces of advice and resources can make the world of a difference.
  2. Reviewing Products: I'm a hardcore product geek - I love nothing more than finding niched softwares as playing around with them. Over the past few years, I've tested thousands of pieces of productivity tools and I'm incredibly excited to get my hands on whichever new app is in the market. If you're building something cool and want feedback or just get my two cents on something, please reach out - my downloads folder can always do with more .DMGs
  3. Reading/ Reviewing/ Collaborating On Media Pieces: Creating media online is a beautiful way of sharing your knowledge with a large number of people easily and while I wish I write more, I do often review/collaborate on blogs, videos, talks and other pieces of media. In case you have something you'd like my take on, feel free to send it my way - I'd be more than happy to run an eye through it.
  4. Meeting High Impact People: If you're someone who just stumbled across my profile randomly but think that we may be able to have an interesting conversation then definitely reach out. The number of friends I've made through random Twitter DMs is absolutely crazy and I'd love to meet. I often attend a verity of conferences, if you're in town for a conference I'm attending, drop me an email and we can coordinate a meeting. I appreciate doing non-conventional things for first meetings - I've had first meetings while helping someone move houses, gone rock-climbing and swimming.
  5. Reading New Books/ Blogs: I like to spend time reading a verity of different perspectives and read a pretty wide genre of books and blogs. If you stumble across something on the internet you believe I may like, please send it my way.
  6. Giving Honest Feedback: If you've come across something I've said or done either in real life or online which you disagree with, I'd be open to hearing you out. I appreciate any feedback given to me non-confrontational. Like all humans, I do make mistakes so I wouldn't get angry or annoyed if you give me honest (and blunt) feedback. I want to learn from my mistakes and your help in doing that would be greatly appreciated

This was based on the standing invitation by Patrick McKenzie