Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Disruption is a measure of impact. Disruption is a measure of how drastically are you changing things for the better. Disruption is a measure to show whether or not you're adding value to your surroundings. If you're disruptive, you are irreplaceable. How much can you improve people's way of living from what you're doing is disruption. It's how you're changing and shaping lives. It's how you're adding value to the people around you. Time may be your most valuable asset, but unless you use it to disrupt, it's being wasted.

I've thought a lot about legacies - what will people know me as 100 years in the future? Will people know me 100 years in the future? Anyone and everyone who's ever been known has contributed something to society. And I want to follow down that path. Contributing to society doesn't necessarily mean philanthropy and charity. What it means is doing what you're doing so well that people want to use it and end up get impacted by it. Startups are not products. Startups are not services. Startups are solutions. Anyone can code a weekend project and sell it as a SaaS. But what matters is can you solve problems in a way which change people's lives?

As much as it feels that way most of the times, being different is not a curse. Being different is a gift. It's the gift of viewing things in a different way, a way in which others can't. For far too long, I've told myself that I should be like the others. Maybe I should try and get printed on the same template. Maybe I should try and follow them. But it's big time that this changes. I regret trying to fit in when I'm just not meant to be that way. For far too long, I've been trying to mimic what's being done, time and again by others. But what I failed to realise (or realised but ignored) is that I'm not meant to be that way because if I do it that way, I would be just like everyone else - just another sheep in the flock. Nothing different, nothing new. Nothing disruptive.

Disruption Is A Concept Which I Put At The Center Of Every Decision

At the age of 12, my parents introduced me to the concept of a passion, "find your passion" they said. And so, I sat. Sat. Sat and thought. And then, in my scrawly 12-year-old handwriting, I devised a plan. I wanted to be unique. So I tried to find something that I enjoyed doing more than anything else in the world. And so, I departed on a journey to find my passion. I tried a verity of different things - social initiatives, sports, NGOs, academic research, and so on. And then, one day while huddled on a call with my co-founders, I realised something. It hit me like a wrecking ball. I'd found my passion. I'd found my passion. I'd found my passion.

Working On Startups Is What I'm Passionate About

What I'm doing isn't crazy impressive. It's just something I'm lucky to call my passion. My purpose. My love.
Everyone tells you to find your passion and that sucks. Finding your passion isn't something which just comes by waving your wand in the air. Finding your passion is something which comes by experimenting. Try new things and trust me, you'll know when you're there. This lifetime, my manifesto is to disrupt.