Tools. Apps. Gear.

I often get messages asking about specific pieces of software or hardware I use. This not a static page, it's a living document with everything that I'm using nowadays.


  • MacBook Pro - The 14' from 2021 still remains the powerhouse for my workflow. 16GB/1TB. Of course comes with the DBrand ultimate teardown skin
  • Dell UltraSharp 27" 4K Monitor - Have two of these. Should probably just get an ultrawide but these just work.
  • AirPod Max - I usually keep these at office, they're amazing but not really something I like to move around with
  • MX Master 3S - FINALLY caved in and got one of these -- I see where the hype comes from - this is what the magic mouse mouse should be
  • Magic Keyboard - I really like the feel of this keyboard - a pleasure to type on for long periods of time; I like mechanical keyboards but they start to keep uncomfortable after a bit. Wish they came in black though
  • Anker Wireless Charging Pad - Love how clean it looks + how easy it is to just put my phone there

Pocket Essentials

  • iPhone 15 - Yup, I am crazy for USBC; Matte Black, 256GB - maybe should've gotten the Pro though
  • AirPod Pros 2 - These are the usual 'grab and go' earphones of choice - small and convenient daily carry for random listening and taking calls on the go.
  • Airtags - To stop me forgetting things everywhere

Backpack Essentials

  • Mokobara Transit Backpack - Pretty cute backpack for daily carry - it's convinent, light and just a pleasure
  • iPad Air 3 + Apple Pencil + Magic Keyboard - I like handwriting notes especially in pitch meetings/ while learning new things but using paper is just messy - an iPad just makes things easier
  • JBL Endurance Run 2 Wired - A simple pair of earphones, initially brought along for flights but also a useful substitute for when I (inevitably) forget to bring/ charge my AirPods (which is more often that I like to admit)
  • Random Notebooks - Despite the iPad, there are some days when I just feel like putting a pen to paper
  • Uniballâ„¢ 207 Plus - Cheap, reliable and just solid pens. Been using these since high school. Usually pick up a pack of ~100 cartridges from Costco and reuse the body. I wish they were refillable though

Daily Drivers

  • Superhuman - Literally the best email client I've tried in my life. Absolute game changer
  • Vimcal - Superhuman for calendar. Everything just feels so... fast
  • Clay - My CRM of choice helping me helping me make notes about the people important to me
  • Arc (The Browser Company) - A Chromium browser which feels nothing like chrome
  • Bear - Apple Notes on steroids
  • Alfred - Just a faster way for me to navigate my Mac -- I tried raycast but I feel like I was spending more time getting to the places I needed to get
  • Todoist - A dumping ground for any task which I have to do. Literally my life-OS.
  • Cleft - Voice memos which actually work. One of the few AI-powered transcription tools which just works
  • CleanShot X - This is what I use whenever I need to share and/or highlight screenshots.
  • Rectangle - Just a faster way for me to manage the dozens of windows I have open
  • Texts - An all-in-one messaging platform to get me to inbox zero on my instant messaging platforms (Email me if you want an invite)
  • Rize - I track my time as an accountability booster helping me stay more productive throughout the day
  • Pitch - I don't spend a lot of time making presentations but when I do, I use pitch
  • Figma - God knows I'm not known for my design abilities but I like the ability of being able to throw wireframes/ designs together fast
  • Goodnotes - I enjoy doodling/ writing stuff on my iPad!
  • Around - My go-to video conferencing tool when I'm not required to use zoom
  • Proton Pass - An open source password manager
  • Microsoft Office - My go to toolset for creating and editing documents
  • Pitchbook - My go-to dataset for information about VC/PE deals
  • Airtable - I spend a surprisingly large amount of time on it and I'm surprised by the stuff you can do with it
  • Matter - A place I love to dump cool articles I come across and read them when I have the time

Development Tools

Mobile Apps

  • Health - Love being able to quantify parameters of my life
  • Dime - An open-source local finance tracker (with an apple wallet integration)
  • Flighty - I fly a good chunk (aiming to do more) and this saves me a great deal of time and effort at airports
  • Literal - A better way of organizing my bookshelf and sharing it with others
  • My Bento - An app which forces me to pick priorities for my day and to execute on them
  • ChatGPT - Description required?
  • Wall Street Journal - I enjoy reading market news + opinion pieces. Just helps me get exposure on what's going on around me
  • Corner - Has a strong list of peer-curated recommendations for coffee shops/ restaurants which I found myself liking quite a lot

Things I Want To Get My Hands On

  • Sol Reader - Feel like I am not reading as much as I want to, this might force me to get back into it