As you can probably guess, I get a ton of emails every day and while I love interacting with people, however I sometimes find myself telling people the same things over and over again. A While back, a close friend of mine asked me the question - 'what if you, like every other product out there, had a user-manual or an FAQ guide - what would that look like?' 

And so, here are a couple of quick questions to check out before getting in touch with me - in case I referred you here, run an eye over the relevant points and it can help us be more useful to each other. If you haven't reached out to me yet, still recommend running an eye over these as they might help you make the most out of our interactions.

The aim of having this isn't to come off as pompous; it's just to set out a guidebook to interacting with me which I wish everyone would put out there...

Why I Don’t Use Calendly

Writing An Forwardable Intro

Do You Want To Chat?

What’s Next In Life

Who Are You Beyond Work?

Are You Hiring?

Open to doing in-person events?