I occasionally like to sit down and articulate my thoughts about certain topics. I feel that doing this allows me to not only give effective advice, it also allows me to have a wiki of information which I can refer people to whenever I need to give someone additional context.

While a lot of people have asked me to make this into a newsletter so that they can get notifications for new writings in their email, I've experimented with creating a newsletter but finally decided against it. Newsletters are dime a dozen and I often find myself trashing quite a few of them without even opening them. In today's day and age, everyone has a newsletter and while I do appreciate everyone being open and sharing their knowledge, I find myself frequently going online and searching for blogs on a specific topic visa-a-vis searching through a list of blogs I subscribe to via email.


Advice For Founders, Accessibility, Growth

Make ‘Em Queue Up

Maybe giving everyone access right away isn’t the right way?

Jai Relan



Advice For Founders

My Reflections On Age

I’m scared of growing older

Jai Relan



Advice For Founders, Competition, Market Dynamics

What If A Stronger Player Copies This?

At the end of the day, it's your users (and how much they love you) which matters

Jai Relan